Business innovation meets creative talent 

The idea of 44 on Long as a contemporary arts hub evolved from two years of industry-wide conversations about the problems facing the Arts industry, and how those problems might be resolved. 

One answer was recognised when the World Economic Forum placed ‘Creativity’ as one of the top 3 skills needed for the future of business.  In other words, no longer are we looking at business as a support for the Arts. Rather we should look at how artists can help businesses unlock their creativity.

Thus the idea for a Centre for Creative Innovation was born. The concept is simple:  a boutique conference centre where corporate meets creative in a dynamic exchange that not only designs, decorates and entertains, but dramatically accelerates the timeframe between innovative ideas and solutions.

Our artist members can attend workshops in the space, both to improve their own entrepreneurial skills, and to lend their creativity to others. 

Most importantly, it’s a space for everyone: Fans have the chance to get up close and personal with their favourite performers, and be more involved with the growth of that performer’s brand.  Creatives can be excited by the support and opportunities the Centre will provide. Companies can be excited at being a part of this exciting space that is boiling with creativity.

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